Friday, March 11, 2011

Sight Words Activities (with an Irish twist)

Since next week is Spring Break for us, several of the small group activities I did this week had an Irish (as in St. Patrick’s Day) theme.  During the majority of third quarter our kindergarten interventions dealt with sight words.  Here are some of the activities my kiddos did…

Lucky You Game

I love this one because it can be done alone or with a small group; I generally do it as a small group activity.  Each student has a game card and the sight word cards go in the middle, face down.  When their turn comes students draw a card and read it aloud to their group.  If they are correct they put the card in an open spot on their game card and if not it goes back in the word pile.   

Lucky Word Scramble

I have done this one a few times now, using varying themes.  Students select a word bag and unscramble the letters to make a sight word from the provided list.  Once they have figured out the word they record it on their sheet.

Get the Gold

For this activity, students take an envelope and remove the word card, which has one of the letters missing (I told my kinders that a leprechaun wrote the words and he was being tricky and didn’t want them to figure the words out because he didn’t want them to get his gold.  They got a real kick out of that!)  Students figure out the word and then color in the piece of gold with the same word on it.  Once all the words are colored in, they have gotten the leprechaun’s gold.  This one was a favorite this week, so much so that I made another one for after spring break with a different theme.

I am always looking for new ideas.  What fun activities do you do to help your students learn sight words?

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